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The Fanchising Fast Lane


Do you want to start your own business but don't know where to start? Franchising may be your key! In The Franchising Fast Lane, Chuck Fasnacht provides a proven system to both build a new business and accelerate your business success. With nearly half of all businesses failing within five years, according to the US Census Bureau of Labor Statistics, Chuck's strategies are essential to people thinking of starting one. And if you are already own a business, he will show you how to work ON the business and not IN the business, so you can grow and make your success scalable.


This book will help you understand the concepts of business ownership, and provide a systematic way of achieving your goal. If nearly half of businesses will fail, how can you be on the winning side of the equation? Use the talents you have and develop a team of cooperative support to fill in the gaps. If you already own a business, this book will help you define how to get to the next level and make your current business scalable toward your future vision.


    Build a new business or grow your existing business while using a proven track record.

    • How to set meaningful and specific goals that fit you and your family
    • How you can determine the value of your opportunity
    • The importance of focus, and not being overwhelmed by the magnitude of your desired outcome
    • The skills and talents you bring to the game and how to use them best
    • How to take basic steps to maximize your influence with others
    • The importance of keeping on task
    • Using systems and processes to make sure your success is automatic
    • Comparison of the DIY option with a proven system of success and achievement
    • What goals to set if you knew you couldn't fail
    • Sources and resources for funding your big idea
    • Demographics and trends that make location selection an important step
    • How to make sure you keep what you build